Lavender Smudge Bundle with Crystal


Smudging is an ancient ritual used over many years by various groups in the practice of cleansing the self and space from stagnant + negative energies. Incorporating this ritual in your everyday life can serve as a great benefit to your mind, body, & spirit. The practice itself is very simple and safe and can be done as often as you would like. The smoke emitted is not harmful and is safe for the pets in your home.

Smudging is a great tool to use for cleansing your space before activities such as meditation, or simply before going to bed. It can help to reduce the amount of emotional clutter we can feel, and make your home feel “lighter”. Clearing the air before taking a good night’s rest will help remove all the mind chatter that can happen as a result of a busy day. You will wake up feeling refreshed + recharged with improved mental clarity.


  • Burning lavender with sage is a powerful combination for people who are overworked & drained mentally, emotionally, and/or physically.
  • Improves a negative mood & is great for helping deal with anxiety.
  • Other benefits include anti-depressant, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory.


  • Known as the “Healer Stone”
  • Focuses on the immune system and stimulates restful sleep.
  • Encourage positivity, joyfulness, relaxation, and self healing.
  • Great for rejuvenation, tranquility, and renewal.
  • Provokes the “inner-child” in us and helps us reach that state of being which can sometimes be lost in our “adult world”. It gives us the courage to keep going during rouch challenges we may encounter throughout our life.


  • Known as a “Courage Stone”
  • Wonderful for inner strength and quieting negative thoughts.
  • Helps calm the mind and bringing clarity + light to new situations.
  • Promotes balance and peace with self awareness and intuition.
  • Brings in stability and balance back into your mind, body, spirit especially if you find you get shaken up from the grind of everyday life.


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