"When you can't control what's happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what's happening. That's where your power is."
                                                                                                  -Viktor Frankl

In honor of my mother, the millions of people living with and through cancer, and in memory of all those we have lost to it.

Witnessing an individual’s battle through cancer is a heartbreaking, and a perspective shifting experience. The experience leaves your life altered and unable to view it the same as you once did before. Relationships become more delicate, happiness becomes more valuable, and time becomes more impermanent. Your emotions vary from feelings of despair to grandeur optimism all the while unsure of what lies ahead as you remind yourself to stay connected to the precious moments of the now in front of you.

The fight to live through cancer and its treatment options often leaves all persons affected by this growing disease feeling helpless, and stressed in all aspects of their lives. This disease not only strips them of their physical & emotional health, but of their financial foundation as well.

The L.I.V. PROJECT was initially created as a means to raise capital to provide financial relief + support to my own mother who had been challenged to take on another fight against cancer for the second time in her life. This time it left her unable to work for a year, and with an intense treatment plan for the many months ahead of her. As a cancer survivor myself, I have had the misfortune of experiencing the costly effects that this disease imposes on a person’s life physically, emotionally, psychologically, and especially financially.

Going through this experience made me realize a few things. I realized that one person can impact a big change. I’ve also realized that just because I can’t cure cancer, or be able to take away the pain it inflicts on an individual; that it doesn’t mean I have to stand idle to this growing disease and its impact on someone’s life.

 I am not powerless in this fight.

Many, if not all of us have been impacted by this disease, and know that it affects everyone around it. I created the L.I.V PROJECT not just for my mother, but also for others who will share the fear in their minds, the overwhelming love in their hearts, and the glory of giving that comes from knowing cancer.

The L.I.V. PROJECT is a philanthropic business model designed to provide a financial foundation to individuals battling cancer and their families by raising capital through product sales and donations. Each product purchased from our website contributes to our L.I.V. Fund that provides us the opportunity to support our current recipient(s). Their stories are shared on our website for our community members to learn more about the recipients they are supporting and to feel a shared connection through their own experiences with cancer. The strength of the financial foundation provided is dependent on the collected efforts of our contributors. Our hope is to raise enough funds to supplement for some of the loss in wages, and the expensive medical bills that result from the intrusiveness of the disease. By doing this we hope to help maintain a financial foundation for the individuals and their families to simply live through this unfortunate time.

My aspirations for the success of the L.I.V. PROJECT is to bring relief to individuals and families, like my own, who have been blind sighted by the unexpected diagnoses of cancer so that they can spend less time worried about the financial hardship of the this experience, and spend more time staying connected to the moments that will really matter. My hope for the L.I.V. PROJECT is that we will be able to measure our success by the number of people we are able to support and not by profits; that we will be able to as a community create a collective contribution to society.



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